The study based on eating habits of people suggested that people who eat food in small pieces and slowly by chewing for a long time with keeping short pause between bites, they could lose their weight easily. The research was conducted with 60,000 Japanese people who are suffering from diabetes for six years. The study was based on their lifestyle, eating habits such as breakfast and snack timings, eating speed, alcohol consumption, and sleeping patterns.

In the initial phase of the study, the researcher noted eating habits of people in that only about 7% of people were slow eaters among all. After few observations, the researchers noticed those slow eaters were tended to be healthier and lost more weight in comparison with fast eaters and a huge reduction in Body Mass Index (BMI). Henceforth, they concluded that change in eating speed can influence BMI and reduced waist circumference. However, the study demonstrated that regularity of breakfast did not influence effect on BMI.

Eating slowly sounds simple, but that is not as simple as it sounds. Some of the people consider adoption of slow eating as a challenge to practice it in daily life. People were unaware of benefits of slow eating, slow eating habit offers several benefits such as better digestion, maintaining body hydration, and make a way to easier weight loss or weight maintenance. Slow eating can maintain the body hydrated, which helps to maintain energy, helps kidneys to work efficiently, and improves the texture of skin. Slow eating habit helps to decrease hunger and increases satisfaction level on food.

There is one more habit of eating within 2 hours of going to bed and eating post-dinner snack can increase BMI. Eating slowly and mindfully can influence weight gain or reduction. Benefits offered by slow eating can take some time to but it is guaranteed to notice changes. How to eat is as much as important with what to eat. If you are trying to lose weight or maintenance yourself, just slow down.