Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) is an open source project which assists to improve the performance of website page on mobile or any device. Google is enabling AMP capacities to Gmail, the feature will be known as AMP for Email. Google’s existing AMP support web pages are setting standards for web pages which load faster than regular mobile pages and emailing will be more engaging and interactive.

The technology is currently in operated in Google mainly to reduce response time. With the introduction of the new feature will allow browsing such as Pinterest,, and Doodle through Gmail itself. AMP email sent by a travel booking website will allow browsing through the same email window. This feature will be added to the app in the format of stories and slideshows including GIFs and photos, this feature is inspired by Snapchat and Instagram stories. Additionally, the booking and payment window will be open on the same webpage. Respond time will be reduced significantly and browsing will be easier without leaving Gmail app or website due to the introduction of AMP in Gmail.

The threat of phishing attacks on emails is a barrier, to protect users, Google has assured that AMP feature will allow conservative subset and will use AMP-HTML email validation specification so that email won’t need any personal data to share. With the new feature developers of Gmail can create newer, the emailing and app will be more interesting and interactive.

These new features unlock that new tasks that can be completed inside Gmail. According to Google, users will not have to leave Gmail page for the browsing. Additionally, this new update enables new features such as RSVP to an event, scheduling appointments. Currently, Gmail’s inbox has the option to carry out some action inside the app and webpage and displays information in the format of cards. Completing tasks directly by emailing app, surely reduce difficulties, in appointment setting, adding RSVP event, filling survey from an email message, and browsing from the same page. However, security of mail is away much important than convenience.