The younger generation is choosing Snapchat and Instagram over Facebook, as they consider Facebook as less-cool in comparison with Snapchat and Instagram. Mostly the US and UK based teens (age group of 12 to 17) spend their weekend tweeting and updating their posts through Snapchat as the new feature of these social media is attracting the younger ones. Researchers at eMarketer’s estimated through analysis of companies, Facebook press releases, targeted traffic facts, and internet trends that the young people are not logging in continuously and spending less time on Facebook in comparison with Snapchat and Instagram.

Snapchat could experience more growth in all age groups due to its attracting features and easier to use. Some of the people are blaming redesigned and new look on Facebook for its declining popularity. Some teens are going to skip Facebook adoption are known as ‘Facebook Nevers’. Declining approach of teens towards Facebook is a headache for Mark Zuckerberg. However, a positive approach for Instagram to some extent is the only good news for Facebook that the company still can reach to teens through the media.

Facebook is the most popular among the wide variety of social media since past few years, with more than 2 billion of active users which are helping to remain popular for few years to come due to attraction among older users. Instant gratification, easy sharing, privacy terms, easy to connect with friends are some of the advancements offered by Snapchat and Instagram is attracting young generation, while they think they have to invest time into Facebook, which makes it boring and time-consuming.

The fastest emergence of social media over past few years has created the variety of options such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many others. People find their comfort in the particular sites, some of them yet stick with Facebook, some of them are moving to adopt Snapchat and Instagram.