We all are aware of damages occurred due to drinking. However, a new study found that small amount of alcohol may help to live longer life. Yes! Drinking couple of glasses of beer or wine might put on some weight but it will help you to live better life in 90s.

The study has found that two glasses of beer or wine per day can reduce 18 per cent risk of premature death in comparison with people who avoid alcohol. For the time being, slightly overweight, can reduce risk of early death, by around 3 per cent.

One of the researcher involved in study said it is found that drinking and carrying extra pounds is strongly linked with longevity. Also, the study stated that regular exercise and spending time on a hobby were allied with living for longer. At least two hours spent on hobby had reduced 21 percent lowers risk of premature death. Drinking two cups of coffee can reduce risk up to 10 percent, whereas those people who exercise between 15 and 45 minutes of a day can lower risk up to 11 percent.

Previously, the studies have suggested that moderate alcohol consumption, lower chances of heart attack or heart disease. However, the latest studies from UK-based Chief Medical Officer states that men and women can consume less than 14 glasses of alcohol a week

In 90s, booze actually can help more than exercise. Based on study conducted on 1,700 nonagenarians, researchers concluded that, the people who drank about two glasses of beer or wine a day, were reduced about 18% risk of premature death. He said, that he has no explanation for this conclusion, but it is believed that modest drinking can improves longevity. In many cases, living a better life after age of 90 and maintaining wellbeing in old age can be related to their genetic makeup. For this studies, they are needed to determine impact of habits on longevity.