Through the beta app, we can get access to a complete list of the beta version of frequently known apps. These redirects to that particular app’s beta page, that help in reducing the time and satisfies your need up-to-date with every information. Beta version is important for pre-release version, which not only helps the app’s developer in restoring but allows to access all the upcoming features that are hidden from the public.

However, Google app is getting closer to progressing a built-in screenshot-edit tool, that allows you to try out as a beta tester on Android. Through this app, you can immediately share images taken on Android mobile devices, as well easier to know about the things, explore your interests and instant feedback on whatever information you are looking out for.

Further, Google application has released mini editor with 7.21 version, that enables users to share and edit tools for screenshots that are taken in the google feed and search. Coming up with the functions it will be organized by Google app, it’s essential to make it a point that prompt sharing and screenshot editing is made available through internal application.

Moreover, to initiate these feature, go to the menu to set up the Google app, scroll to the accounts and privacy option. By tapping on the option “Edit and share screenshots” the features will be activated. There are some features in the active status that captures the screenshot at each time, wherein it displays a small menu panel that pops up automatically below the screen, requesting for the images to be shared or some text editing. In this process, the edited task automatically gets saved thereby asking the users to share the image. Here you have to make note that, the option to share and edit along with screenshot captured can be avoided at the start, by way of scrolling through the panel or swiping down.

However, Google app, these features are yet to come up with its new versions, it’s just a beginning. Additionally, creating a possibility of functioning could be merged within the Android OS and if this occurs this application will be available externally, thereby creating more powerful screenshot editor.