There are several mobile companies in the market, coming up with various features, to compete with the market players. Some companies are diversified into various business, with updated technology. As far as the market is concerned, every company tends to represent their product in the market with one or the other feature, that can divert or attract the customers before buying. The expectations of customers are increasing day by day, wanting to see more and more updates on the devices including app. So as the companies are trying to come up with new technologies and new apps to fulfill the customer’s requirement.

When we talk about gadgets, the first thing that strikes into our mind is its features, display technologies and how it processes. Yeah! Let’s talk to the point, we are here to discuss Sony company which is going to introduce something new to the Mobile World Congress. It will be releasing a mysterious teaser for its new phone that will be launched very soon.

It sounds good when you hear something interesting about the new releases, related to mobile devices. While most of them are busy looking out for Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi few names to know, Sony is trying to build up customer’s curiosity with its new concepts. The Sony Xperia has tweeted a video for the upcoming phone that will be announced on February 26th. The video opens with a cupped hand on the screen, following an elongated shape made of what seems to be silken threads gently floating down from the top of the screen and coming to rest on the hand. With not much to go on owing to a very short video, one can only speculate that Sony is teasing the viewer without showing much of what is about to come next.

Moreover, there is a rumour, Sony will be announcing its best smartphone that is new Sony Xperia XZ2 with all the top features at the Mobile World Congress, this year. Well, Sony has its own way of targeting the customers every year with its new concepts and releases, that may result in positive impact or negative.