An Ex-Google engineer, James Damore, has filed a petition regarding alleged discrimination against the company. Mr. Damore and Harmeet Dhillon, his lawyer, said that the tech giant discriminated white men who have different political perspectives than the Google executives. He called up a press conference in San Francisco and convey the details. In January, the company fired James Damore.

On Wednesday, another ex-employee, Tim Chevalier filed a complaint against the company for dismissing him for posting a political view than others including criticism of Damore. He claimed that he trolled Damore’s 10-page memo as misogynistic, anti-Trump, racist, and sexist memes. A twitter account posted a screenshot of twitter profile of employees, which are color, women, or trans men. These profiles were targeted and harassed online. Tim Chevalier gave the details in his complaint. Gizmodo covered this news or first that two former employees have filed the case on the company.

Chevalier also said that Google attempted to justify is a dismissal by blaming his posts on social networking sites that showed unfairness against harassers. In November 2017, Chevalier is a disabled and transgender was terminated due to his posts on internal apps posts on women of color and marginalized.

The petition says, “when Google employees express their different views than the majority of vies on political subjects raised in the workplace and relevant to Google’s employment policies and its business, such as hiring policies says mistreated and punished or could be terminated from the company against violation of their legal rights.”

According to the company, Mr. Damore was fired due to criticizing diversity policies of a company. Same in case of Tim Chevalier. Last August, Chevalier and 13 other Google employees were trolled by other employees as a part of a backlash against Damore’s firing. Chevalier supposed that superiors including human resources officers were unconcerned for his remark, critiques, and opinions, that come across as a major reason behind his dismissal.