Huawei is one of the leading information and communications technology worldwide with solutions provider. It has been working on telecom networks, cloud computing, and devices. As of now, tablets are a no more surprising device in the world of computer devices. However, it has not marked a full stop as well, as there few companies who are still coming up with new tablets.

Well, Huawei has revealed at the press conference held at Barcelona about its two new tablets under the name of MediaPad brand at Mobile World Congress. The company assumes that it is the world’s third-largest producer of tablets.

Furthermore, Huawei’s had launched a new MateBook laptop, wherein it has built the webcam into the keyboard in MateBook X Pro. Today, we are here to discuss these standard tablets consisting good features. There are two sizes available for MediaPad M5 tablets such as 8.4 inch and 10.8 inches, where the prices will be starting at 349 Euro and 399 Euro.

As far as display is concerned, they have similar specs for small and large tablets that is 2560×1600 displays, along with Kirin 960 quad-core processors, and 4GB of RAM or 32,64 or 128GB data storage. In addition, there are some more pretty features included such as 8MP front camera and 13 MP rear camera with all other basic sensors including a fingerprint sensor and as well as Android 8.0. Along with these features, the SKU’s offers SD card expansion that allows you to get the total onboard storage capacity up to 256 GB.

However, the company is coming up with the third version, that is MediaPad M5 Pro 10.8-inch, including same features of M5, only additional is Huawei’s M-Pen. Moving on, the company tried to explain in brief the feature involved in M-Pen, it has the pressure sensitivity of 4096 levels along with titling and shading features that support this activity. Moreover, this version will include a detachable keyboard while offering a desktop view with extended features related to file management.

Meanwhile, all the versions of tablets are made available, as Huawei notes,” two iconic colors: Mystic Silver and Space Grey, as well to add a more LTE (Long Term Evolution) is an additional option on all the versions. Very soon, by March these versions of M5s will be available in most of the European countries as well as the U.S.