Amazon developed Alexa as a personal assistant that is to be used in Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices. Alexa is capable to do voice interaction, create to-do lists, playing music and audiobooks, streaming podcasts, and setting alarms. Also, Alexa can control smart devices such as lights. As a virtual assistant, Alexa famous in short time. Alexa is not a complete AI yet, and the company has promised to upgrade the device very soon.

Alexa has a variety of skills, though, it is not able to do real conversation. To improve this feature, it requires advance internet search. AI supported Alexa will elevate her capabilities and make it more reliable. To be an operative assistant, it must be able to conduct in-depth research and will enable higher-level research.

Alexa is enough smarter to handle home devices such as light bulbs, door’s August locks. However, with AI Alexa will be able to handle all kinds of devices in the home. Additionally, many other features such as storytelling, online shopping, cab booking, language translation skills, and ordering food online without touching device will be so easy. In addition, Alexa will be able to assist in cooking also, by telling the recipe and handling oven.

It is excellent in translation skills but it is not able to speak in different language. Alexa knows how to translate conversations from another language, such as Mandarin to English.

Alexa will be able to make calls, play music and other media, plan a vacation, book appointment. The device will upgrade its capability to do mathematics calculation such as basic calculation, arithmetic calculations, and quadratic equation. Nevertheless, some of the advanced skills of the device requirements, the user to know math well enough to give input equations specifically and other skills.

After a massive update, Alexa will go beyond being just a voice commanding device and may assist to do the parts such as fining the lost mobile device. The device will be able to check the security such as checking device that is connected to mobile or laptop device is hacked or not and virus detection as well.