Insignia’s voice smart speaker is a voice-activated speaker device which is supported by Google Assistant. The device comes with inbuilt power adapter and quick setup guide. The device is compatible with speakers to play media such as audios of songs, radio, online songs, and e-books. The device can be used in multiple rooms as speaker.

The price of a device is US$ 99.99. however, for today, until the last piece sold, the price of a device is reduced significantly up to US$ 69.99. the device is the smart assistant and 4K cam for home and car. The device is Google Assistant, that can be voice activated with the keyword ‘Ok Google’ and allows a user to access the internet, and create a to-do list. The speaker has a digital LED clock that display time, set up a reminder of a day for a particular time, and it has an inbuilt alarm clock. The device has connectivity through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to join up wireless devices such as mobile.

The Insignia’s voice smart speaker differs from the devices such as Amazon Echo Dot and Alexa. The speaker has a small display and digital clock. Additionally, the device has better speakers in comparison with Alexa. It has a battery of 8 Watt with the compact device in the dimensions of 6×3.7×3.7inches.

The Insignia’s voice smart speaker is capable to check the weather, traffic of particular area, check show times of movies, book tickets, book Uber, and to control other smart devices at home. The smart device can do many things and works as an assistant at home and car. However, it cannot make calls.

Almost thousand buyers had reviewed and given 4 to 4.5 stars to the device. They said it has better sound quality than others. Yes! US$ 69.99 is much cost for an alarm but is worthy since the device is capable of doing lots of other work and its excellent speakers.