Vero is a new social app that is impressing users the most and competing with tech giants such as Facebook and Snapchat. Vero is a new app which promises to avoid the features that irritate most of the users such as advertisements and feed that depend upon the algorithm.

A report published on Tuesday says that Vero is one of the most used apps on Apple’s App Store, and ranked third on Google Play. Vero was launched in 2015, but thanks to recent issues related the interface plaguing in social media such as Twitter, Facebook coupled with timely advertisements that resulted in the popularity of Vero.

People are avoiding the irritating ads, algorithms based structures, and data collection systems that are a frustration for users. Alongside, it is helping the user to avoid such drag. The app offers a tool to share images, videos and tag friend in the posts. Also, it is an easy method to add as a friend and make a group.

It is based on subscription, henceforth, they offer no advertising involved surfing. It is offering no annual lifetime fees for first one million subscribers. Photographers like this app because it doesn’t force the user to crop photos into any particular dimensions. Influencers love it as it offers a sequential timeline that is free from algorithms. And others also loved the app as it is easy to separated friends into categories and create groups. Additionally, the user can create and select audience for a particular post on the app.

Vero is easy to sign up, the app just needs a basic information such as name, email ID, contact number. For further login, app needs access to users contact. However, Vero ensures the security of accounts and maintain user privacy very efficiently. The company explains that they only gather the data that they think is important and they respect the privacy of the users. As a step of login, they ask for the small subscription fee.