If you think you heard every niche of Samsung Galaxy S9 then you are wrong. You are still unaware of many facts that the tech giant has not yet revealed.

Dedicated fingerprint:

This is newly introduced feature in Galaxy S9. This feature is designed to keep your file folder from getting crept. It’s a small compartment containing files and apps that you can distinguish from rest of the files on your phone. You store the information in this separate folder you need to sign in from your Samsung account and secure it using fingerprint passcode, iris recognition or security protocol. What new Samsung Galaxy S8 offers is different security options to access the files from the folder and not only the fingerprint sensor.

DeX comes with multiple resolution displays and headphone socket support:

This feature is especially useful for DeX users. The feature is less familiar that allows you to virtualize Galaxy smartphone as a desktop computer. Just pad your smartphone with DeX that indirectly gets attached to the display screen. Though it’s an exciting feature, one drawback of this service is that once you unplug the smartphone you won’t be able to listen to the music. Being connected with the Bluetooth is the only option left.

Menu translation of Bixby is powered by the tech giant, Google

Bixby is an intelligent platform owned by Samsung that translates the whole menu when holding in front of the camera. Additionally, Samsung is getting a supporting hand from Google Translator. For Samsung, this is a fluid, simple and seamless experience.

A Dual Aperture serving magic lightening level

The dual aperture camera of Galaxy S9 plus has a wide-sensor angle similar to S9. It offers 100 Lux of ambient light having f/2.4 or smaller aperture and f/1.7, the wider ones. We don’t need to give any input to the device. The software is designed in such a way that it easily recognizes which aperture it should use.

Change the aperture settings as per your convenience

If you don’t want the device to change the aperture settings on its own, Samsung has provided the facility to change it manually. For example, if you choose f/2.4 aperture in decent light and you think it’s something extraordinary then you can opt for f/1.5 aperture.