Smartly controlling the things going on your television set kept at one corner of your living room or bedroom will make you even smarter. Amazon Echo and Google Home will play an important role in making you keener. Both the devices can be used to control what’s going on your television by connecting it with any of the smart devices.

Now how to connect these smart devices with the television.

For Google Home: You need a Chromecast connection with the speaker for communication.

Later, you need to open a Google Home application. Click on the app menu, then on the devices option and give a suitable and easy name to your Chromecast device. In case you need to change the name you can go to settings option to rename it or given an entirely new name.

If you further visit the settings, music, videos or photos options Google Home provides the facility of being connected to the Netflix, Spotify and Google photos account. Whereas, on YouTube, no such settings are required.

For Netflix you can hit commands such as ‘Ok Google, next episode’; ‘Ok Google, previous episode’; or ‘Ok Google, rewind’. For YouTube, users can say ‘next clip’, ‘previous clip’, ‘rewind’ or ‘fast forward’.

For Amazon Echo: You need an Amazon Fire TV device with some sort of explanation persisted with the television.

Fire TV box of comes with the voice control button and has Alexa integrated. So all you need to do is hold the remote up and voice it. You can even send the commands directly from the Amazon Echo device if you are so worried to lift your finger up for holding the remote. If all the devices are connected to the same portal, your devices will sync automatically.

In case you have more than on televisions at you home, you need to inform Alexa for the same so that it works with the assigned television through Alexa mobile app. Just choose Music and Book from the menu, then click on the Fire TV and finally Manage devices to get ready for the usage.