As per the new reports, non-smoking employees need extra vacation days, this question was raised due to constant breaks taken by the employees during working hours for smoking.

Recently a survey was done by Halo, e-cigarette manufacturer, considering around 1,005 Americans, from age 19 to 73, to understand the employees in a better way, with regards to the time spent for smoking by their colleagues during the working hours. They found out that 80 percent and above employees who smoke are of the opinion that the cigarette breaks taken by them were fair enough. However, 25 percent of the non-smokers employee disagree with this.

Well, to make it more clear let’s take a look at the percentage, I mean how many non-smoker employees agree with this and how many are satisfied with what they have in hand. Around 42percent non-smokers said that more than 3 to 5 days of vacation to provided, around 25 percent non-smokers are of the opinion that one or two days are more than enough, and around 14 percent non-smokers said that seven days of vacation will be manageable. And, around 20 percent of non-smokers are of the opinion that no extra vacation required sounds boring.

Anyways this was in the case of non-smokers, now let’s take a look from the smoker’s point of view. As per the smokers, 16 percent and above said that non-smokers should get a vacation for more than seven days, 28 percent said that non-smokers should get 3 to 5 days extra. Well, 38 percent of non-smoker never thought about non-smokers getting extra vacation days or extra time off.

Furthermore, researchers have calculated the actual amount of time spent in taking smoke breaks, it has been disclosed that nearly six days of the year are wasted in the smoke breaks during working hours. In addition, they have even provided the figures by comparing the industries, as which industry spends more time in smoking at the workplace. The amount of time spent is higher in technology and retail company, by wasting 20.5 days yearly, and lowest amount of time spent in real estate, losing 5.1 days annually.

Finally, coming to the cost of the company, waste of time can affect the finances. As per the report from Disease Control and Prevention, said that illness related to smoking costs more than $156 billion, that is a major loss in the productivity every year in the US, and around $5.6 billion suffer this illness due to passive smoking.